Still on the hunt for a bigger boat. I may have found here. Went down to Annapolis to check her out. a 37′ Hunter from the 1980s, she was being rehabbed by the owner while he lived aboard when he suddenly passed away. His family were trying to get the boat sold quickly. There were a lot of nice extras, including a composting toilet, heat and newly installed central air, working cooktop, a spare toilet and some new portholes. Really just lots of goodies.

She’s in roughish shape but not anything I haven’t handled before. And so. Much. Bird. Poop. Luckily all on the outside.

Here’s a closer look. Her name is Kiriko which means “girl of the mists” apparently. Not a bad name.

Gracie enjoyed having the lawn to herself.

We fired the engine up no problem and looked for anything that leaked.

If I can get the price down, this may be the boat.